InsoZia - Patented Herbal Sleep Aid

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If you’re having difficulty falling or staying asleep, try InsoZia and you will be amazed. Our exclusive PATENTED sleep aid is made from a totally natural formulation of herbal ingredients extracted with innovative techniques preserving purity. This makes InsoZia a highly effective natural supplement.

Radix Polygalae (Yuan Zhi) and Semen Platycladi (Bai Zi Ren) are the sleep aid’s main ingredients. These herbal extracts have been used for hundreds of years to effectively treat sleeplessness, while calming the mind and nourishing the heart.

By scientifically extracting these two herbal ingredients and combining them according to a very unique patented formula, Viva was able to produce the highly effective InsoZia sleep aid. This supplement helps to modulate sleeping cycles so that people who toss and turn all night long can finally regain their ability to get a good night’s sleep.

With InsoZia you will fall asleep more quickly, sleep much longer and wake up every morning feeling refreshed. For a natural non habit-forming sleep aid, InsoZia can’t be beat!

U.S. Patent No. 7,968,128 | Europe Patent No. 2364157
Canada Patent App. No. 2,952,228 | China Patent No. 1591646
Hong Kong Patent No. HK1161546 | Macau Patent No. J/001709

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  • U.S. Patented formula
  • Comprised of natural herbal ingredients
  • Formulation derived from 10 years research
  • Ingredients carefully chosen and thoroughly lab tested


  • GMP Certified Manufacturer for over 20 years
  • Unique premium formulation derived from innovative manufacturing technology
  • Established trustworthy brand

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Si vous avez des problèmes d’endormissement ou que vous avez un sommeil leger, “InsoZia” est la meilleure option pour vous. Notre formulation brevetée rend ce produit unique en son genre. Les 2 deux principaux ingrédients: Le Semen Platycladi et le Radix Polygalae sont des herbes qui on étés utilisées pendant des siècles pour faciliter l’endormissement, nourrir le coeur et calmer l’esprit. Avec InsoZia, vous aurez un sommeil de qualité. Vous allez domir plus rapidement, plus longtemps et vous allez vous reveiller frais et serein. Essayer InsoZia pour un sommeil de qualité!


  • Formulation brevetée
  • Combination d’ingredients naturels
  • 10 ans de recherche scientifique
  • Ingredients testés en laboratoire

假如你有睡眠問題,那麼易舒眠就是你最好的選擇。 我們專利研發的草本成分與萃取技術造就獨一無二的產品。易舒眠中的遠志與柏子仁是兩款純天然的草本萃取物並擁有上千年的使用歷史。這兩種草藥不但有益於睡眠,更能安心定神。易舒眠不會引起依賴的平和性質更是其一大特色。舒眠能讓你睡得快,睡的長,享受清爽的起床時光!


-          美國專利配方

-          天然草本萃取精華

-          10年研究成果

-          精心挑選原料


-          20 GMP 認證製造廠

-          高級配方結合現代化生產設備

-          值得信賴的品牌

인소지아 수면 보조제,

인소지아는 불면증 개선과 수면패턴 개선을 돕습니다. 저희 고유의 특허 제품은 자연산 한약을 이용하며 멜라토닌을 포함하고 있지 않습니다. 인소지아는 수면제의 흔한 부작용 없이 효과적으로 당신의 수면을 돕기위해 신중히 선택한 재료를 사용하였습니다

VIVA 인소지아 120 :

한약재료의 조합입니다.

한약재료인 백자인과 원지는 오래전부터 마음을 진정시키고 불면증해소에 사용되었습니다.

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Overall Rating:
4.6 out of 5 (based on 12 reviews1) View Details

Overall Statistics

4.6 out of 5 (based on 12 reviews1) more

  58% (7)
42% (5)
0% (0)
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Vancouver, BC
5 out of 5

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Love how this helps me sleep through the night! Definitely giving one to my family and friends when I go back for Chinese New Year’s!
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Vancouver, BC
5 out of 5

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Wasn’t really expecting much, as melatonin wasn’t working well for me. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! Love this so much that I came back to leave a review. Definitely worth the price!
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